Lopez Cotilla Housing Building

Location: Mexico City
Project Status: Completed

In a 300 square meter plot we were asked to design a six-unit housing building. The site has a 10 meter front and 30 meter depth. The scope was to have all six apartments with a street view. We were also asked to build two larger units, one at the highest level and another one on the first floor. We therefore got four 103 square meter apartments on levels 2 and 3 and two 180 square meter apartments on levels 1 and 4. All of the units are 26 meters in depth, with a rear courtyard and a view towards the street. The building emerges from its concrete foundation, using part of it as its base. The whole beam and column structure is also made out of concrete. Our will is to show these elements as an essential characteristic of the architectural object. In this sense, perimeter walls are built out of apparent brick, with a transparent facade covered by glass and plants. All living spaces inside the apartments are naturally illuminated and ventilated. To accomplish this we designed three courtyards: The first one, in the rear part of the plot, providing view and illumination to the main bedrooms; the second and third, located in the center of the building and illuminating the kitchen, bathrooms and second bedrooms. These spaces are also used as green and vegetated, open air areas for the first floor unit.