Más Fondos Plaza Inn

Location: Mexico City
Client: Más Fondos
Project Status: Completed

The financial services firm Más Fondos asked us to redesign their offices located in the shopping center Plaza Inn. The project consisted on an entire image transformation of a 200 square meter commercial space. Our proposal aimed mainly to redesign the workspace, using the new distribution as the guideline for the configuration of the whole area. We therefore proposed three circular modules, each holding eight persons, emulating the stock exchange trading floor rings. This furniture took most of the available space. We then organized a series of individual offices, meeting rooms and services, all in a row, framing the rings. The entry area was specially designed, holding and elegant waiting hall and the reception. Although a small area, Más Fondos' new offices accomplishes the client’s desire by communicating through architecture the firm's main characteristics: security and good management, transparency and elegance.