Calle 20 34 Town houses

Location: San Pedro de los Pinos Neighborhood, Mexico City
Project Status: In progress

Situated in San Pedro de los Pinos, a neighborhood in the central area of Mexico City, this project is the result of three factors: real estate forces, the need of privacy, and the creation of luminous and ventilated spaces. In a plot of 360 square meters (12x30), the conceptual scheme proposes 6 townhouses with an area between 195 and 217 square meters, including outdoor spaces and parking. With the main objective of giving natural light and ventilation to all the living spaces, the idea of this project lies on the creation of a central patio divided in four. This open area provides each of the rear houses with an independent terrace that, through a well-planned greenery system, also fulfills the purpose of privacy. Houses are developed in three levels, having public spaces on the first and private spaces on the second and third. There is also a roof terrace provided to each of the houses. Through these actions we satisfy the desired density without compromising spatial quality and privacy.