Eco Museum

With colaboration of Julian Graff von der Schulenburg, 2006
Location: Mexico City
Client: Museo del Eco

The main idea is to include the new annex with the architectonic context, re-force and enrich its experimental character and to show a vital and inspiring image to the city. Context, continuity and soft autonomy. The new extension aims to integrate to the architectonical context of the Experimental Museum Eco. From the original building borns the character, the materialization and the artistic language. We are trying to make a fusion between the young and old part in a new entity without denying it is an addition. CHARACTER, an introverted island in the neighborhood, a stimulus for the life in the city. The Eco Museum hides an introverted world inside an active part of the city. The new part seeks to reinforce that magic inside the building continuing further in the depth of the already existing space. The annex pretends to show itself in the urban context: a huge perforated screen that covers the only window facing the exterior introduces a new projection field that speaks about life and the usage inside the museum. VOLUME, mass and emptiness that reinforce the presence of Goeritz’ courtyard. New volume is compact and continues with the height of the adjacent wall from the museum, creating an sculptural mass that encloses the third side of the yard, accentuating in that way the typology of FACADE building, reduction to two openings. The new part of the façade has two openings: the monumental steel door used exclusively for the delivery of pieces of art and the perforated brass screen of the bar that projects an intuitive image of the show to the city. CIRCULATION, the continuous space as a generous circulation system. The principal museum spaces are found at the same level that the existing spaces. It that way we create a continuous area that allows the circulation to be easy and without obstructions. The opening that joins the annex with the existing space is shown as smallest as possible. A secondary entrance to the bar, through the brass screen allows the independent access for the visitants. USAGE, a big flexible space for the experimental museum. The auditorium is a big space with double height that receives filtrated light from the top through a lateral window. The intensity of natural illumination can be mechanically adjusted through the perforated screens en la lateral superior window. Through the big turnstiles, the space is flexible in size and spatial connections, letting its usage as backstage or stage. To highlight the importance of the auditorium, the upper part of the double height space was painted golden, creating a dome that reflects light and reinforces the party atmosphere.