Integral Rescue La Merced

Location: Venustiano Carranza, Mexico City
Client: Gobierno del Distrito Federal
Project Status: Concurso

The Conceptual pre-project denominated “The Best Mexico’s Kitchen Recipes take you to La Merced”, as a proposal to the contest: Integral Rescue “La Merced”, is fundament to contribute to the construction of Master Plan of Integral Rescue of the Zone in the future. The conceptual idea is to rescue and emphasize its positioning in the map, reverse deterioration and ensure its rehabilitation, embracing its historical-cultural, social, economical and environmental value; taking as a fundamental part the urban recycling to reborn the lost identity of the zone. This zone that constitutes a fundamental part of the Historical Center and forms part of the perimeter “B” that at the time is useful as zone of damping for perimeter “A” where the biggest number of monuments is concentrated. With the proposal we seek rebuilding the urban and social tissue by docking both “A” and “B” perimeters and maintaining the same quality for both of them. The projects aims to take advantage of this oldest commercial-urban zone of the country, in the same way as the infrastructure inherited for centuries represented in its layout and urban morphology, retaking physical and functional aspects with the unique characteristic from “La Merced”. The rehabilitation and revitalization of public spaces, the architecture cataloged as historical monuments, will form a fundamental and influent part in the local population, as the way of adaptation for creation consciousness in-between the habitants promoting to the center neighborhood and the rest of the zone an identity. The exploitation of territory in the most convenient cases will be for living places, because these proves the activity for 24 hours in the city, achieving the lowest number of dead zones which bring delinquency. The logic functioning in the commercial zone will be with a mobility strategy taking advantage of the flow and connections not only with the rest of the city but also of the country, through loading and downloading areas with specified schedules, with distribution in multimodalities that don’t affect the flow in rush hours. It is essential the proposal of parking lots in strategic zones that accomplish with the actual and future demand, because with this detonation the demand will rise. This doesn’t mean that we benefit the vehicle, but the offer is complemented for the visitants and promotes to stop using the thoroughfares as parking lots.