Ecological Path and Lookout in the Bat's Cave

Location: Kalakmul, Campeche, Mexico
Client: Secretaría de Turismo Estado de Campeche
Project Status: Completed

One of the cities where flora and fauna are best conserved inside Campeche is Kalakmul. This zone houses the big reverse of the biosphere with the same name and beside it the state has designated a big protected area by the name of Balam Ku. Here is where bats’ cave is. With the purpose of getting more funds for a better result and conservation, it is planed to convert it into a public space, making controlled visits, which will be supervised by biologists who will also be guardians of it. This project consists in elaborating a path that guides the visitant starting in the road until the nearest area from the cave’s entrance. The project is planning to use the local materials and it seeks to affect the less possible the zone’s environment. With this logic, a proposal is a small module of access where we can find public bathrooms and a ticket office. Then, a lose stone path starts with a length of 500 lineal meters approximately. Finally, it arrives to a waste ground space, between the trees, from where you can access to a series of terraces around the cave’s entrance. From these caves you can be able to see the bats rise with the sunset.