Ecological Path in Candekaria River's Margins

Location: Candelaria River, Campeche, Mexico
Client: Secretaría de Turismo del Estado de Campeche
Project Status: In progress

A proposal is the generation of an eco-touristic detonator through the creation of tours between strategic points of Candelaria River that could allow the recognition of the site itself, its natural, archeological and cultural wealth. With this we seek to create a bigger consciousness in the visitants and the population about the importance of taking care the patrimony. The Eco-touristic Center is located in the edge of Candelaria River. From the population of that name its possible to sail through the river, 9km approximately, another option is to take the federal road and a deviation that takes you until the river, 13km approximately. The intervention project seeks the transformation of the river’s edge into an ecological park that includes various activities for the visitants. The project includes a series of tours through the area where you can find: a restaurant, a spa, resting places, a dock with kayaks, boat rides and general services such as bathrooms and a parking lot. These spaces create new and different attractives and let the user get closer and deeper into the ecosystem, get to know it and learn from it. como baños y estacionamiento. Estos espacios generan distintos atractivos y permiten al usuario acercarse al ecosistema, conocerlo y aprender de él.