Eco-touristic Adventure Park in Miguel Colorado's Sinkhole

Location: Miguel Colorado, Campeche, Mexico
Client: Secretaría de Turismo Estado de Campeche
Project Status: Completed

Miguel Colorado’s territory is found in the central part of Campeche State. Inside the land belonging to it there is a series of sinkholes that are normally visited by the population. Due to the lack of infrastructure of the place and the big amount of visits, year-by-year the place has been deteriorating. Campeche State’s Secretary of Tourism in an effort to protect this area without taking it away from the people, proposes the creation of an eco-touristic park in the vicinity of the sinkholes. This consists in generating three pavilions: access and information, bathrooms and public dressing rooms and a restaurant. Another proposal is a path surrounding the sinkholes, through which many recreational activities are found such as a dock with kayaks, Tyrolean circuits, interactive fountain and a lookout. The pavilions have the peculiarity of adapting to any place because they are structures built on stilts leaving the land below them for free use. They are built with materials from the region such as pukt wood and clay tiles. The paths are made out of lose limestone and there is no impact in the natural land because there is no need of cement. In this way, the pavilions and paths are able to give an infrastructure that helps keeping order and protection to the site, meanwhile becoming part of the environment.